Monday, June 30, 2014

Las Vegas packing list

For me it's time to start packing for Vegas, I leave the 4th!

Depending on the place you go there'll be essential items that you just need.  Consider Nevada is hot some essential clothing items are:
Lightweight/Sun dresses - I have three dresses, two of which happen to be black which kind of is opposite of the point I'm trying to make, but oh well.  They're all light, short, and sleeveless, so they'll be cooler than even shorts and a t-shirt!
Camisole tank tops - Again, light and sleeveless, making any color other than black (which is again the color I have most of) cooler than a shirt with sleeves! A downside is they're tight fitting.
Flip-flops - the most open shoe available as far as I know.  Also considered the most annoying, the grossest, and least formal shoes.  I'd think they'd è great for wearing as a tourist in the south west USA though!

Other things I need:
Lightweight scarves - Vegas, and scarves??  Let me explain.  I read a lot of articles about traveling, and something I read recently said that lightweight scarves are good to bring on a plane to be used as a pillow and/or blanket.  They can be worn onto the plane, used as a blanket, then worn off!
Sneakers - As in any city, walking is going to be a big part of the trip.  While my sneakers aren't the best for walking long distances (Canvas sneakers) they're what I'm used to wearing, and changing it up right before the trip sound like it would be uncomfortable.
Filtering water bottle - I discovered this at my local grocery store recently and thought it was interesting.  I figured when traveling you never know what your water situation is going to be like.  Besides, maybe the water won't taste so different from my house water with this bottle!

The complete list:
3 dresses
5 tank tops (I like options, and they're small and easy to pack!)
4 pairs of shorts
1 pair of pants
1 sweater 
5 pairs of pjs
7 sets of underclothes 
5 pairs ankle-socks
2 scarves
Bathing suit 
Dance stuff
iPhone & charger
X2 flip flops 
Hats x2 (different styles of course)

Now the catch, I have to fit all of that (except my dance stuff) into one normal sized backpack, and a small "purse".

For me it should be easy, flip flops in the backpack, clothes in the backpack.
Sneakers and one scarf worn on each plane.
Sunglasses, iPhone, iPhone charger, earbuds, wallet, etc in my backpack purse. 

Then vóila! I am packed for Las Vegas.

I should be posting everyday other details like:
Fun facts about Vegas.
Travel tips.
Where I'm going and what I'm doing in Vegas.
From the plane.

Then when I get there hopefully I'll have time to post, but we'll see!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First trip

Just to be clear this isn't my first trip, it's just my first trip while writing this blog.

On July 4th I will be leaving for Las Vegas, Nevada.  I'll be posting more details about the trip in later posts.

For now:
1. I'm going there for a national dance competition - the kid friendly kind.

2. Taking a plane there, taking a bus back.

3. There will be no gambling of any kind (too young).
4. I will be doing as many free and cheap activities as possible, and I'll post them all here.

More details to come.  I'll have specific posts like packing lists, activities, fun facts about Vegas, and more in the next 16 days! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why you should start walking before you travel

Everyone knows that walking is an easy way to get some exercise.  Here are the reasons why I think everyone should start taking long walks daily before traveling.

1. You'll want to go sight seeing.  Whether taking a bus, car, or cab, or walking you'll still be doing some walking.

2. Depending on the place walking might be the best option.  If you go to NYC you don't want to have to drive yourself anywhere.  Subway, and cabs are great but you have to get there first - by walking.  Plus in some cases walking is going to be the fastest way to get there!

3. You'll be more in shape.  Everybody wants to be in shape for their vacation, right?  Start walking before to help get you to your goal!

4. You'll be able to go more places in less time.  If you get tired fast because you're not used walking then you won't be able to go many places, let's say again you and your family visit the big apple.  You might want to go to five different places: m&m world, ripley's believe it or not museum, toys R us, Macy's and the Empire State Building.  But you didn't start walking before vacation, so you go to the first two places on your list and then get too tired to go anywhere else!

5. It's a good habit to get into for after your trip! Get in the habit of walking before your trip and it'll be easier to continue when you get home.

Those are my 5 reasons, if you have anymore feel free to comment :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introduction to me


I am "The Black Rose".  Black roses are not natural, they don't exist in nature, and yet people find ways to create them, or turn other roses black.  Ask almost anybody, my goals are not normal, they aren't common, and yet some people have the same or similar goals to me.  We are adventurers, we have the guts to actually do things that most people wouldn't.  Some might call us "black sheep" because we're different, but black sheep are becoming more and more common, so I am a black rose.

I am currently a teenager, I'm not going to give you things like my real name, exact age, or where I live.  I'll post details and pictures of my adventures.  That's all you need to know about me right now.

My list of adventures for my lifetime consists of 100 key items, some are silly little things that anyone can do for a laugh, some are fan girly things that any dedicated fan girl would dream of, and some are crazy things that get me blank looks and "why's" when I tell people about them.  I don't call it my "bucket list", I call it "the 100 things".

I hope you'll enjoy this blog and my adventures as much as I do, and I hope I encourage other people to go out and make their dreams come true.