Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introduction to me


I am "The Black Rose".  Black roses are not natural, they don't exist in nature, and yet people find ways to create them, or turn other roses black.  Ask almost anybody, my goals are not normal, they aren't common, and yet some people have the same or similar goals to me.  We are adventurers, we have the guts to actually do things that most people wouldn't.  Some might call us "black sheep" because we're different, but black sheep are becoming more and more common, so I am a black rose.

I am currently a teenager, I'm not going to give you things like my real name, exact age, or where I live.  I'll post details and pictures of my adventures.  That's all you need to know about me right now.

My list of adventures for my lifetime consists of 100 key items, some are silly little things that anyone can do for a laugh, some are fan girly things that any dedicated fan girl would dream of, and some are crazy things that get me blank looks and "why's" when I tell people about them.  I don't call it my "bucket list", I call it "the 100 things".

I hope you'll enjoy this blog and my adventures as much as I do, and I hope I encourage other people to go out and make their dreams come true.

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