Thursday, August 20, 2015

Animals VS. Humans

A huge topic is whether or not animals who have killed humans should be killed themselves.  In my opinion, it partially depends on why the animal killed the person, but usually it's a NO.

This event has recently sparked one such debate.  Many people have said the exact same things I would say "Hikers know grizzlies are out there, and the risk is one they are willing to take!" and "why are human lives more important than animal lives?"  Sometimes in these situations I also wonder to myself "What would the victim have thought?" Of course, we can never know that.

I will let you decide for yourself how you feel about it.  Personally, if I ever am killed by an animal I hope the animal lives, no matter what type of animal it is.  Whether it's a grizzly, a shark, a dog, a snake, or something else entirely.  Unfortunately, that wouldn't be my call to make.

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