Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Appalachian Trials

As you may know I really enjoy the Appalachian Trials website, I even have a link to it at the bottom of my blog! It's been incredibly helpful while planning for my thru-hike, and just a lot of fun to read other people's experiences on the trail.

Now, I get to blog for them!

I've already put up one post there because we didn't finish the 100 Mile Wilderness.  We did, however, learn a lot.

So, you can go to that link and subscribe to my posts there.  I highly recommend just subscribing and reading as many of the posts on the website as you can.

Today I did weigh what food I had left, and it was... 17.5lbs! Since I'm going ultralite I'm trying to get my whole pack under 15lbs.  I'll be posting my whole gear list on both blogs eventually, but it'll be up there first!

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