Friday, April 17, 2015

Blog update

I've just updated my blog a bit.  Mostly added links to my various social media.  I recently created a Tumblr to go with this blog, it has a sampling of my photography, and a few things I've reblogged.

For those interested I'll go a bit more in depth about what I post where.

Twitter -

  • Favorite picture of the day, either mine, or someone else's I've used with permission.
  • Summary of recent blog posts.
  • Occasional retweets of things I think are worth sharing.
Today's favorite picture.

  • Most liked pictures of the day from my Instagram.
  • Summary of recent blog posts.
  • Special "Facebook only" pictures and posts that I don't post anywhere else.

  • My photography from traveling, hiking, visiting nearby places

  • Sample pictures from my Instagram
  • Summary of recent blog posts.
  • Occasional reblogs of things I think are worth sharing, that almost always have something to do with my list.

This Blog -
  • In depth posts about things I am doing, almost entirely about my list, or other travel related things.
  • My full list.
  • Links to my other websites, and to other people's blogs that I enjoy.

That's currently all!

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